European quality, genuine Origin

The project Fresh Up your life! – top quality European fruit and veg is funded by the European Union and by CSO Italy, a unique reality that brings together the main Italian producers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the three years of activity (from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2022) consumers, journalists and professionals from the United States and the United Arab Emirates will be involved through a series of initiatives and events that will aim to spread the quality and culture of European fresh products and raise awareness of what it means to produce and consume in a genuine way.

European fruit and vegetable products are advocates of safety and healthiness; values guaranteed by strict production regulations. Indeed, they are renowned and appreciated around the world for their excellent quality, as well as their unique flavour. (Renowned and appreciated around the world for their excellent quality, in addition to their unmistakable flavour, European fruit and vegetable products stand out for their total safety and wholesomeness, which is guaranteed by strict production regulations

Fresh fruits & more

Te European continent has an extremely diverse climate and varying environmental and soil conditions, which is why a wide range of fruit and vegetable products can be produced here.

Juices & Processed Vegetables

Fresh produce is processed immediately after harvesting, after an accurate selection. European quality is guaranteed by strict regulations and by top-quality raw materials combined with a production method that implements state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the high-quality fnal products.

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